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Ignacio’s Marriage and gay activists

Following my previous post, I have to mention that some gay activists argue that we must consider Ignacio’s Marriage to be a political act regardless of their sexuality. I have to say even if we do so, it would be an absolute failure for the gay movement as the couple perfectly fit into heteronormative mainstream. Please watch this video and assess if they look somewhat queer or different from a typical heterosexual couple. To me, they look very heterosexual.

The marriage is also a big achievement for anti-gay activists as it actually undermines a major portion of the LGBT studies –here,  I do not mean the queer theory but LGBT studies as a whole.  By his marriage, Ignacio has evidenced that a homosexual man can enjoy the female body and femininity to the extent that he is perfectly satisfied with marrying a woman. Thus, he has proved that homosexuality is not biological, essential, or necessary, but is constructed, fluid, and quite adjustable. This is exactly one of what anti-gays have campaigned to prove. At least fundamental religious activists would be happy by Wendy and Ignacio’s marriage as they exclude biology entirely from the debate. Now, reformist Christian churches who started saying that homosexuality is God-created or natural, may have nothing to say in front of their orthodox and fundamentalist colleagues.

I really wonder why gay activists are celebrating this marriage.

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Gay activists wed in Cuba

You may know the story, but Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada have recently gained international reputation because of their marriage (see here, here, here, and here)

I have a point here. It is argued that a gay man gets sexual gratification only with a penis, otherwise he would not be categorised as gay; he would be bisexual or someone else.  Since Wendy underwent a sex change surgery, she doesn’t have a penis.  So how can Ignacio, as a gay man, be sexually satisfied with this marriage?

I think they may be confused about their sexual orientation; therefore, they have puzzled the international audience too. The media industry itself is already bemused since they are struggling on whether to address Wendy as transsexual or transgender.