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The Temple of Debod

When you first see the Temple of Debod, the very first question you ask yourself is how the hell did this Egyptian temple end up in downtown Madrid?!

Well, this temple was donated to Spain in 1968 by the Egyptian government as a gesture of gratitude for the help provided by Spanish archaeologists in the UNESCO team that saved the temple from the rising waters of Lake Nasser.

In other words, the Egyptian state robs Peter to pay Paul!

Some photos taken by myself:


Prado Museum and Bearded Woman

Museo Nacional del Prado was the only major museum in Madrid that I managed to visit. The museum is internationally recognised for its excellent collection of paintings and sculptures. I visited the museum when the entry was free and managed to see almost all the paintings.

Photo by me

At the risk of oversimplifying the picture, I would say that most paintings reflected three main themes: war, Christian values, and social or political repressions. Nevertheless, a remarkable painting there caught my eye: La Mujer Barbuda (The Bearded Woman) by Jusepe de Ribera:

This work is in the public domain in those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years or fewer. From: Wiki

This painting is a very good piece of work that ideally represents the transgender/transsexual debate.

Read more about this painting on the Artble website: The Bearded Woman