Spanish Punctuality

In Spain, people are not very punctual about time and a half-hour delay is considered fine, whereas in Britain, even a 5-min delay is unacceptable. I tried to share the comparison between Spanish and British punctuality with a peer in Madrid. By admiring the sense of time of Spaniards, he said “yes…yes, because we are quite flexible”!

Iranian Airbus grounded in Birmingham

Because of the US sanctions against the people of Iran, Mahan Air Airbus 310 has been grounded at Birmingham International Airport.

Photo by Ali Amirmoayed, July 2011, Birmingham International Airport

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PS She departed back to Tehran on 25 August 2011.

Spanish Kissing Culture

I always say that Spaniards (or at the risk of over simplification Latin people) are very warm, kind, and friendly. But I feel, at times, they may become over friendly. They have a culture of cheek kissing that is practiced not just on special occasions or at ceremonies, but as a standard greeting every day. Occasionally, they kiss strangers too. It is quite difficult for people like me, who are not accustomed to and comfortable with this kind of culture, to cope with such a practice.

In fact in some cultures, this kissing practice could even be considered as sexual harassment. For example, in Britain, you do not shake hands every day, let alone cheek kissing every day! Basically, you should always maintain a distance from others in Britain; otherwise, you may be in a real trouble. I really love this aspect of the British culture.

Although I really enjoy the companionship of Latin people, but at each meeting (especially with those who don’t know me well), an attempt to escape from being kissed is like managing a nightmare; if you ignore them, they often consider it as rude or even insulting. I am a very sociable and polite person, but oh my goodness, I just don’t want to be kissed….

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